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Terms of Services

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Bhupa Greens Terms of Services



The Client who has assigned us with the task and/or the participants in the Event.Event:  The actual occurrence of the recreational activity (including hotel accommodation, restaurant bookings and local transport, as per the agreement).


The participants to the Event, as recruited by the Client


Bhupa Greens is a party and event venue located at NH57, Mabbi, Darbhanga, Bihar 846004.


  1. 50% of the booking amount shall be paid at the time of booking, otherwise booking will not be considered confirmed.
  2. Rest 50% should be paid, 7 days before the event. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the booking.
  3. A refundable security of Rs. 10,000 should be paid on the day of the event.
  4. Advance, if any, made shall not be refunded in case of cancellation by the client.
  5. The management will issue up to 100% refund, if the event is cancelled by a cognizable fault of management.
  6. The management is liable to pay, maximum of 100% of the booking amount paid in case of any unforeseen or unfortunate event, but subject to management decision.
  7. In case of an extraordinary event or situations, like (but not limited to) natural calamities, diseases, war, political & social unrest, etc., the decision of refund rests solely with Bhupa Greens management.
  8. The refund shall be done on the sole discretion of Bhupa Greens’ management.
  9. The booking once confirmed if final. Any date change will be at management discretion, and shall attract additional cost (plus taxes).
  10. Check-In time: 01:00 PM | Check-Out time: 10:00 AM
  11. The main hall will be cleaned and provided to you by 6:00 p.m. in the evening, subject to the completion of the decoration.
  12. Early Check-in and late checkout at the discretion of Bhupa Greens’ management and subject of availability on the chosen date.
  13. Early Check-in and late checkout will be payable.
  14. Extra time, if any, will be charged @ Rs. 8000/per hour, subject to availability, at the sole discretion of Bhupa Greens management.
  15. Taxes, as applicable, are additional, to be paid by the client.
  16. DJ, music and other sound systems should be shut by 10 PM, as per the government regulations.
  17. Band drum beating is not permitted in the hall
  18. Bursting  crackers, of any kind, will not be allowed in the premise. No fireworks allowed.
  19. Vedi or anything that produces fire will not be allowed inside the hall, rooms, or dormitory.
  20. Charges for Pandal, Mandap, Stage, Vedi, Jaimala, Milni Haar, Entrance gate, Special sound & lighting and other decoration are not included in the standard price. These will be chargeable expense.
  21. Electricity and Power Backup will be provided for all pre-installed lights and equipement. Any additional power (electricity), if required (for example: DJ, extra lighting, and/or sight and sound, etc.), will be chargeable as per the rate decided by Bhupa Greens. This is subject to the availability, at the sole discretion of Bhupa Greens Management.
  22. Using domestic LPG gas cylinder meant for domestic use will not be allowed. Only commercial LPG gas cylinder meant for commercial use will be allowed for cooking.
  23. Client(s) or their guests shall be responsible for their own belonging. The management shall bear no responsibility for client(s) or their guests’ personal belongings and valuables. In the unfortunate event of loss, the management shall not be responsible for any loss.
  24. Number of persons once guaranteed will not be reduced.
  25. Guaranteed booking is honoured & charged from the host in full in advance. If the number of guests/participants exceeds the guaranteed booking, charged will be on per person basis.
  26. Unless informed at least 48 hours in advance, we can only offer full-service catering to people exceeding maximum by 10% of the guaranteed booking.
  27. Appetizers and Snacks (Live preperation Counters and Moving snacks) will be served for 90 minutes only from the time it starts.
  28. Time difference between Appetizers and Snacks (Live preperation Counters and Moving snacks)  and dinner will be maximum 1 hour.
  29. In case you experience a sudden increase in the number of participants/guests (exceeding by more than 10% of the guaranteed booking), your guests/participants may experience a lag in service, for which we cannot be held responsible.
  30. Liquor and alcohol of any kind is not served in the premises and we expect our clients to adhere to the law of land.
  31. Food items & beverages that are banned by the law will not be served or permitted inside the premises.
  32. Parking of vehicle will be at the owner’s risk.
  33. Food served will be for consumption in the premises itself. Taking away the food will not be allowed.
  34. Sharing of plates is not allowed.
  35. No claim of refund will be allowed in case of breakdown on account of Electricity/Generator/Air-conditioner/Kitchen Equipment, etc.
  36. It is the client’s prerogative to acquire any police clearance and permit pertaining to the event and not limiting to dance show and mass gathering.
  37. Damage, if any, to the property (hall, public facility, and its premises) during the function by the client(s) or their guests shall be paid for by the client.
  38. Pets, of any kind, are not allowed in the premises.
  39. The Client recognizes that the Event is held in India and is therefore covered under INDIAN LAW. The assigned court will be the COURT in DARBHANGA, BIHAR. All legal disputes will be heard in Darbhanga Court alone.

For the booking to confirm you need to agree to not use the premise for any unlawful activities, and you take full responsibility for any unlawful activities that you or your guests commit.

For the booking to confirm you need to confirm that you will abide by the law of land and will not serve or consume Liquor, alcohol of any kind, or any food items & beverages prohibited by the law.

For the booking to confirm you need to confirm your acceptance to the terms of services by signing the hardcopy of the TOS document.

Bhupa Greens

Bhupa Greens Management